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The Kiddles
The Pond

The Kiddles


Hello! We are Claire and Rick, aka The Kiddles. A husband and wife team, we are your hosts when you visit Somerset Swim Retreat. 


In 2021, like many others, we made the life-changing decision to relocate to Somerset, where the picturesque British countryside beckoned with its beautiful landscapes and invigorating fresh air. It was the ideal setting for our growing family—a historic farmhouse nestled on two acres of land, all just a stone's throw away from the famous Jurassic Coast.

Pond Journey

Building the pond has been one of the hardest journeys but also one that has brought so much joy for us and many others!

It was a tranquil morning in 2022 when we found ourselves in our own backyard, gazing upon a somewhat unruly expanse of grass. As the sun rose, its golden rays struck upon the dew-covered blades of grass, and that's when it happened—an epiphany struck us like a bolt of lightning. We were going to create a swimming pond!


Open water has always held a special place in our hearts. Swimming in the great outdoors provides us with moments of serenity, a sanctuary for mindfulness, and a means to rejuvenate our bodies and soothe our souls. It's a reset button we reach for every chance we get. So it became evident that we needed a pond accessible 24/7, right in our own backyard.


The very next day, we embarked on our mission. We meticulously planned, measured, and, of course, dug - months and months of digging, with most of the toil borne by Rick. Rain, hail or shine we were out there working on our labour of love – our swimming pond. Day by day, bit by bit, our vision materialised before our eyes. The lining, the decking, the lights, and the wood cabin were coming together like a symphony. Our swimming pond was taking shape. We carefully selected aquatic plants to grace the pond and its periphery, ensuring they played their part in natural water filtration, preserving its clarity and purity.


Then one day, as we gazed out our window, we realised our dream had been realised—we had built a stunning swimming pond! It took almost a year to build, but it’s been so worth it!


Basking in the elation of this accomplishment, we decided that a home sauna would be the perfect complement, particularly during the colder months when the water would drop well below 10°C. So, Rick embarked on yet another endeavour, procuring an old trailer that would undergo a remarkable transformation, one wooden plank at a time.


And then, as if by magic, we looked out one day and there it was—a fully functional wood-fired sauna!


We couldn't be happier with the incredible amenities gracing our backyard—an amazing swimming pond and a cozy sauna. We felt compelled to share this experience with others who, like us, seek moments of rejuvenation and reset. That's when the idea of Somerset Swim Retreats was born.

Our Journey In Pictures


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