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Winter Swim Club
Back in October 2024

Cold Water Swimming

Our 3-day swim retreats go into hibernation during Winter and it seems such a shame to close access to our beautiful swimming pond. Cold water swimming is growing in popularity and has brought so many benefits for swimmers. So due to popular demand we keep our swimming pond open during the winter months for those who love cold water and to offer a safe space for those who want to start. 

Our Winter Swim Club runs from 1 November to 31 March each year.


NOWCA Membership

We use the NOWCA system to ensure the safety of all swimmers, so you must be a NOWCA member to swim at our pond. NOWCA membership costs £15 for 12 months and comes with many benefits including access to over 40 safe open water venues nationwide, insurance cover for personal accident & injury, big discounts from top brands, tracking of your swim stats, and Premium features on the NOWCA Wild app!


We are also part of NOWCA's Sub10 Club so any swims with us that are below 10°C will go toward your tally for your Sub10 swim badge.

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Safety cover at all swim sessions.


Swimmers will have access to our natural swimming pond as well as free use of the jacuzzi. 


There is a small levy to access the wood-fired sauna - £20 per person for the entire season. You can pay cash on arrival and we will add you on the sauna guest list.

Our sessions are not time limited, which means you can enjoy the pond and facilities until 5 minutes before the session closing time.


There are toilets, an indoor changing area, and free onsite parking available.

Opening Hours

Our swim sessions are available 5 days a week from 1 October until 31 March:

  • Monday: 9-11am

  • Tuesday: 5-7pm

  • Wednesday: 9-11am

  • Thursday: CLOSED

  • Friday: 5-7pm

  • Saturday: 8-10am

  • Sunday: CLOSED

Swim Prices

There are two price options to swim with us:

Winter Swim Club Pass

£105 - SOLD OUT in 2023

Unlimited open water swimming during our winter season. Great value for money if you plan to swim regularly at our pond.

Individual Swim


Book and pay for each visit as and when you plan to swim. Most suited if you are an occasional cold water swimmer.


How to Book

All our swim sessions are available to book via NOWCA's free ACTiO app.

To join NOWCA:

  1. Log in to the ACTiO app​.

  2. Create a profile.

  3. For your band collection, select: Somerset Swim Retreats.

  4. Pay the annual fee (£15 for 12 months).

  5. Buy your swim pass and/or book your swim.

  6. Collect your NOWCA wristband when you arrive for your first swim.

Purchase a Swim Club Pass:

  1. Log in to the ACTiO app.​

  2. Search and select Somerset Swim Retreats.

  3. Under Activities - choose Winter Cold Water Club.

  4. Select any date available - this is simply to enable the system to process your payment.

  5. You will receive a confirmation email - check your junk/spam folder!

  6. Follow the email instructions to activate your Club Pass.

Book a swim:

  1. Log in to the ACTiO app​.

  2. Search and select Somerset Swim Retreats.

  3. Under Activities - choose Open Water Swimming.

  4. Select a date and timeslot you wish to swim.

  5. Make the payment.

  6. You will receive a confirmation email - check your junk/spam folder!

  7. That's it! You're ready to swim. 


2024 Swim Retreats

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